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To be a leading family law litigation and mediation firm in the South Bay, providing clients with compassionate counseling and advice, while presenting the highest professional legal advocacy.

How we achieve this:

Premarital and pre-Domestic Partnership Agreements. We provide legal counseling, advice, and agreements for those who are about to marry, cohabitate (live together), or register as domestic partners.

Mediation. We serve as a neutral mediator for parties seeking to resolve their issues outside of Court. We mediate all aspects of child custody, child support, spousal support, retirement benefits, pension plans, personal property, real property, and closely-held business interests. As part of our full service program for parties with pending Court cases, the agreements reached in mediation are drafted as formal Court judgments or orders and submitted to the Court so they are legally binding on the parties as orders of Court. This can be accomplished without either party ever having to go to Court personally.

Collaborative Law. We engage in the collaborative law team approach for those clients willing to agree to forego litigation and work with a team of professionals to reach an out of Court agreement, fully resolving their divorce. The collaborative team consists of adult and child mental health professionals, financial planners, and lawyers working together to help a couple deal with the emotional, parental, financial, and legal aspects of their divorce.

Litigation. Even when both parties are represented, most family law matters are settled by the attorneys and parties working together towards settlement. The California Family Code is designed to foster settlement. However, when settlement is not possible, we prepare a case fully and completely for trial. We work with a team of leading expert witnesses, for example CPAs and real estate appraisers, to present a client's case to the client's greatest advantage.

Located on Hawthorne Blvd. in Torrance and on the Manhattan Beach Studio Campus in the Media Building, we are situated to serve entertainment industry clients with discretion, located adjacent to major aerospace companies and frequently represent aerospace executives and engineering professionals, as well as homemakers, school teachers, and banking professionals.

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