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What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a method for solving family and interpersonal disputes in a fair and legal way without in-Court litigation. In its solution-oriented approach, collaborative law pairs would-be litigants with experienced attorneys with the common goal of reaching a comprehensive settlement agreement.

In a divorce case, for example, the parties and their collaborative attorneys agree to negotiate in good faith and to engage in full and complete voluntary disclosure. Experts, retained as neutrals by the parties jointly, are consulted as needed. The parties and their attorneys specifically agree to refrain from litigation during the collaborative law process. The estimated success rate is ninety (90%) percent. If an impasse is reached, however, and the collaborative effort fails, the parties may resort to litigation.

Through a series of four-way meetings, the parties with their attorneys work together to achieve the best settlement possible for the parties. Issues such as Child and Spousal Support, Property Agreements, Custody and Visitation Plans, and Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements are resolved during such settlement conferences.

Instead of preparing for Court and conducting extensive and expensive discovery (e.g., depositions and subpoenas), the parties with their attorneys focus on how to best end their relationship and begin anew. When appropriate, the parties are assisted by mental health and financial professionals.

The lawyers at Dean | Rosen LLP are experienced attorneys with special training in collaborative law's non-adversarial dispute resolution process.

How Do I Start The Collaborative Law Process?

Our first meeting is a limited consultation to provide you with an opportunity to meet with one of our qualified collaborative lawyers and decide whether the collaborative law approach is right for you. We'll explain the process and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.

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