Divorce isn't easy. Even the most equitable uncontested divorce case is a huge emotional burden on both parties. If a disagreement about the terms of a divorce spirals into a legal battle, however, it can sap time and money as quickly as it does the energy of the participants. In the California family court system, contested cases are rarely tried within a year, and it is increasingly difficult to obtain two consecutive court dates. This makes it nearly impossible to reach a timely resolution and prevents both spouses from moving on from the experience and getting a fresh start.

At Dean | Rosen LLP, we offer a number of unique options to help couples seek a fair outcome without having to navigate the court system. If spouses are willing to negotiate with one another on the terms of their divorce, mediation or arbitration can often achieve in a matter of weeks what could take months in the court system. Even when compromise fails, however, it is possible to retain the services of a private judge and take the issue to trial in a closed session without having to fit into the family court's backlogged schedule. If you would like to learn more about the family law services our firm provides, contact us to schedule an initial consultation about your divorce case.

We help clients with a wide array of divorce issues, including:

No matter what your goals for your divorce case, our firm has the resources and experience to help you seek the best possible resolution. Contact our firm for an initial consultation about your legal issue.

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